High Performance Clutch Systems

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Fits All MX-5s

We've been working with Clutchnet for high performance systems for four years and have found them to very good quality at the price. Suitable for track car or highly modified car. If you are considering a performance upgrade, you should consider upgrading the clutch. N.b, for any system over 180bhp a clutch upgrade is essential.

Hybrid Clutch: For high performance cars, we have seen a good many aftermarket clutches from different manufacturers on cars at the garage and most will hold the power, but equally most drive horribly in traffic. This hybrid clutch is one we specified to Clutchnet specifically to address this issue.

The hybrid clutch has two different facings to give high performance with driveability. We use this clutch with most of our turbocharged cars and on our high revving normally aspirated engine. The coverplate face uses a Clutchnet patented design of carbon fibre composite buttons that give very high heat handling and crisp engagement. To maintain the driveability, we specify a high performance organic facing against the flywheel.

The hybrid clutch is combined with the yellow high performance clutch cover which gives a slightly heavier pedal, but greater torque handling. This clutch is suitable for all cars up to about 230bhp.


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Racing Six Button E-Z LOCK (tm) Sprung Hub Clutch: This clutch is designed for high power upgrades or track use. The 6 puck cerametallic design can handle drag starts and repeated gear changes at high revs as would be found on the track. The sprung design helps to reduce the impact on the drive train of rapid gear changes.

N.b, button clutches can be severe to drive through traffic and can squeal. This is normal for this type of clutch. The centre has a unique feature of being assembled with six rivets for extra strength. The quick engagement/disengagement requires full driver attention. Patented by ClutchNet.

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