Gaz High Performance Coilover kit tuned in association with Absolutely Shocks

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Fits All MX-5s

We continue to be impressed with the Absolutely shocks tuned MX-5 Gaz suspension kit. The latest revisions refining the ride and honing the handling still further and revised valving to reduce shock noise .

The kit has been developed specifically for the MX-5 by Absolutely shocks in conjunction with ourselves and a number of development customers. The mk1 and mk2 car setups have been developed independently, including valving and spring rates.

With full ride height adjustment and 42 shock position adjustment, these coilovers give a very flexible setup and are in use on both road and track MX5s.

Full track car only setups available on request. Please enquire.


N.b, if you see Gaz coilovers cheaper anywhere else, then they are not the Absolutely shocks tuned kit. Having tried the original Gaz setup we can confirm that the shock internals are different, as are the spring rates. The ride from the original Gaz setup was much harder and handling was twitchy on the limit.

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